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20 choses à retenir si vous aimez une personne qui fait une dépression

Selon l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé, il y a plus de 350 millions de personnes atteintes de dépression dans le monde entier. Ces statistiques troublantes montrent qu’il est fort probable que vous ayez une personne qui fait une dépression autour de vous. Bien souvent, la dépression frappe les personnes auxquelles on s’attend le moins : un ami, un membre de …


J’ai signé la pétition du HCR demandant aux gouvernements de travailler ensemble et de contribuer équitablement pour venir en aide aux réfugiés. Ainsi chaque enfant réfugié est scolarisé ; chaque famille réfugiée peut vivre en lieu sûr ; chaque réfugié peut travailler ou acquérir de nouvelles compétences afin de contribuer à sa communauté. Je suis solidaire #Aveclesréfugiés, svp soutenez mon action !


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Feel weird ( today)


Happy December Happy December. It's never too late to be that person. The person who busts their ass to accomplish every thing that is important to them. To love those around you and be there to support them in their dreams. Be the person that people want to join in a battle. The person who is going to change the world. It's December 1 this time next week I may be out of this godforsaken boot. If I am there are a lot of changes in order but mostly it is taking risks. If there is one thing…


7 Day Unity Challenge #WhatTheWorldNeedsNow

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Funny Tote Bag Christmas Gift For Friend Her Girlfriend BFF What The Fork Pun WTF Sarcasm Snarky Foodie Cute Kawaii Fun Totes Bags Gifts

Funny Tote Bag Christmas Gift For Friend Her Girlfriend BFF What The Fork Pun WTF Sarcasm Snarky Quote Cute Kawaii Totes Bags Birthday Gifts What The Fork. This funny tote bag makes a fun Christmas or birthday gift for friends and family, the pun lovers in your life and a fun treat for yourself! You and your friends will love toting this cute bag around as a purse, errand bag, book bag, beach bag or that fun extra bag everyone needs to throw in those random little everyday items! Add a…


Babe you got this! Quit doubting your crazy insane abilities. You are so talented. You can do amazing things. We keep hearing you say: I want to have a job I love to do and contribute financially to my family. I can be my own worse enemy sometimes I feel myself running around in circles. I am ready to face the music! Being a part of communities such as the #TCCTribe - even though it can easily be one of those things you think "I can do that on my own" - in reality I know I need support! I do…


10 ways you can support someone with a chronic or invisible illness. Do you have lupus or another invisible or chronic illness? In what ways can those around you support you best? Did we miss anything on this list? Please share your thoughts.