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Donc le week-end n'est pas de tout repos et en contradiction avec cette épingle que l'on trouve sur maints tableaux de Pinterest : "Les Américains : Yes, we can ; Les Français, Yes week-end"


40 illustrations reflétant les vérités du quotidien

Allez, un peu d'humour pour le week-end ;o) 40 illustrations reflétant les vérités du quotidien


Week-end entre filles: défi #triathlon


What happened after my ex husband and I threw away our custody agreement.

Every other weekend. Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm. Christmas on even years. Thanksgiving on odd years. 30 day extended visitation in the summer. Spring break every other year. No moving out-of-state.…

Trainer au lit le week-end


"Quick Write" Steps: #1 Copy the quote. #2 Explain it. #3 Give a personal example. #4 Begin the last sentence with Maybe… #5 Add a title. Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. - Spanish Proverb **Standards: W2, W10, L2 (using quotes, punctuating quotes, using transitions/phrases/clauses to show relationships between ideas, concluding with a reflection) Lesson source:

Visit the FB page below to read the story of our sweet daughters short, meaningful life <3 Please repin and "like" and/or Share her FB page to spread awareness of what happens after infant loss between 13-24 weeks. You have a choice. 6.12.14

distance makes the heart grow fonder...dont let the distance create a space between you with any situation...true love conquers all