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Donc le week-end n'est pas de tout repos et en contradiction avec cette épingle que l'on trouve sur maints tableaux de Pinterest : "Les Américains : Yes, we can ; Les Français, Yes week-end"

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40 illustrations reflétant les vérités du quotidien

Allez, un peu d'humour pour le week-end ;o) 40 illustrations reflétant les vérités du quotidien


We're at the end of week#2 in our #52PickMeUp #IndieGirlVirtualAdventure! This week we focused on creating daily rituals for happiness. But the question that kept coming up for me was: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RITUALS & HABITS? And why is that distinction important if I want to generate more happiness in my life? Hmmm.. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Here are mine...


This is so true! I'm solo parenting this week and it's been a challenge with two of the girls having softball practices/games in different TOWNS at the SAME TIME every night this week! Mornings have been a rush to make everyone their breakfasts pack lunches & dinners then rush them to different camps at opposite ends of town while trying to get to 9 am work meetings on time... Thankfully my best running friends helped to make all the worries disappear by meeting me at 6 am to run laps around…


This is so true, As a man, i get totally confused, hurt and feelings of aggravation from her at different times. Yet I love her more each day... sometimes because of the struggles I see her go through. At the end of the day or week or month when I see her next I know those eyes are lighting up for me no matter what has happened between us. I know she loves me even behind all the confusion and stuff. Love is always constant even when we are not. Love you sweet girl. Always and Forever.

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The Most Brutally Honest Reasons You Should Never Have Kids

The most brutally honest reasons to not have kids - without the pathetic pandering that most end with.

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