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Alien, la résurrection - Gary Dourdan - Dominique Pinon - Kim Flowers - Leland Orser

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Gary Dourdan....Gary was born December 11, 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Gary Robert Durdin. He’s the second youngest of five children born to Sandy, a teacher and fashion designer, and Robert Durdin, an entrepreneur and agent for jazz musicians. At the age of 9, his 23-year old brother Darryl was murdered by being pushed off a balcony when he was in Haiti to investigate their French ancestors; the case is still unsolved.


Christopher Reeve ~ Superman 4/11/2016 ®....#{T.R.L.}


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Trois starts out like some late-night soft porn on cable, but ends up as a Fatal Attraction-style thriller with some surprising plot twists and an African American cast. An attractive young couple, Jermaine and Jasmine (Gary Dourdan and Kenya Moore), move to Atlanta, where their relationship starts to hit some sexual doldrums.


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