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Green Lacewing

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Family Chrysopidae - Green Lacewings - BugGuide.Net

Family Chrysopidae - Green Lacewings | Soft-bodied insects with copper-colored eyes, long thread-like antennae, and lacy wings. Most species are green, but some are brown, especially overwintering adults of certain species. Larvae are flat and elongated (alligator-like) with large jaws.

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Neuroptera:Chrysopidae: Chrysoperla carnea

Green Lacewing eggs - Order : Neuroptera . Family: Chrysopidae . Genus: Ceraeochrysa Species : smithi - Atenas, Costa Rica - Roberta Laidman Thomas Eisner describes these green lacewing eggs in his book : FOR LOVE OF INSECTS. The eggs are on stalks glued to a sliding glass window. The oil droplets on the stems repel ants and other predators . Their size from window to the outer reaches of each egg is about 3/32 of an inch.

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Debris-carrying lacewing larvae cover themselves with bits of litter, perhaps to deter predators.

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Green Lacewing - Leucochrysa insularis

Lion des pucerons (Chrysopa perla), insecte utile. Plus

Neuroptera - Chrysopidae

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