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Dont' let your lips and your lives preach two different messages...

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Christian Lite

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"When YOU WANT TO LIE MAKE IT A BIG LIE, THE BIGGER AND MORE UNBELIEVABLE THE BETTER." ~ Adolf Hitler. YOU IMITATE HITLER WELL! Hitler repudiated Christianity like Nietzsche the first author of Supermen. He killed his closest friends (GAY) to get the German Army to back his rule. HE WAS AN OCCULTIST, a SPIRITUALIST; A defunct childhood alter boy. He tortured and killed Christians and Jews, because they called him immoral. Suicide or genocide are horrible sins. Live with it


Yes don't act like you are a Christian but do the opposite around others! Fake people who pretend to be something their NOT to look good in the eyes of some people-hopefully they see your true colors soon


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