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6 Chondromalacia Patella Exercises (And 3 to Avoid)

patella dislocation exercise | Learning and performing exercises to both strengthen and stretch the ...


Pain to the undersurface of the patella is variously called anterior knee pain, chondromalacia patellae, patella malalignment syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS).


six spondylolisthesis exercises and three to avoid

Running writings: Injury Series: Uncovering the role of hip strength and mechanics in the cause and treatment of runner's knee / patellofemoral pain syndrome / chondromalacia patellae

If you have cracking in your knees, it is possible you have a condition known as Chondromalacia Patellae. In my video here I will describe to you what this condition is and what you can do about it. Remember to Thumb Up the video if you like it!


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Exercises For Chondromalacia Patella Knee Pain