amazing zulu basket :: "South Africa is famous for its tightly woven Zulu baskets. These hand woven African baskets are a true art form and are functional, beautiful and decorative as well as a testament to fine weaving skills. Zulu baskets are considered some of the most collectable baskets in the world. Master Zulu weavers are published and collected worldwide."

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Africa | Sotho woman standing next to an immense basket taller than her. She's looking at a boy standing on a similar sized basket that is laid flat. The Lesotho people weave these baskets to hold-store their corn. Lesotho | ©Constance Stuart Larrabee, 1947

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african basketry | African Baskets

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Africa | Baskets for sale in Aksum, Amara, North Ethiopia | ©Hanka Kurczyna

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speech 1 - Yoruba Beaded Crown, Nigeria

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Birale, my Daughter-in-Law, a few days before her Wedding near Kunchi, Wollega, Ethiopia. Wearing traditional Oromo dress.

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Ethiopia Patch Collectible Iron-On High Quality Stitching

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Africa | Bag from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Beadwork on leather | 1900s

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African basket, Hwange, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. Collected by Design Afrika | | |

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Southern Africa | Wire and glass bead basket from KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. These pot-shaped baskets are created only by masterweavers. First they make a traditional piece of pottery and then begin...

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