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He Calls Getting Hugged By His Mother His Only Happy Memory

Linda Kasabian (born Linda Darlene Drouin; June 21, 1949)Witness for the prosecution in the Manson Murders. Susan Atkins repeatedly whispered to Linda across the courtroom "You're killing us!", to which Kasabian responded, "I am not killing you, you have killed yourselves" Kasabian's testimony, more than anything else, led to the convictions of Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten.


John "Liver-Eating" Johnson ... (c.1824 – 1900) was a mountain man of the American Old West. In 1847, his wife, a member of the Flathead tribe was killed by the Crow, which prompted Johnson on a vendetta against the tribe. Legend says that he would kill, then cut out and eat the liver of each Crow brave he came across. This was an insult to the Crow believing the liver to be vital if one was to go on into the afterlife. In any case, he eventually became known as "Liver-Eating Johnson".


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Manson follower Leslie Van Houten denied parole by California governor

Leslie Van Houten, April 2016