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An adult Frog hopper of the family Cercopoidea...the nymphs are covered in frothy spit and do very little damage to plants... Here the adult is camouflaged perfectly against a dusky brown Geranium leaf :)

Cuckoospit The froghoppers, or the superfamily Cercopoidea, are a group of Hemipteran insects, in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha. Adults are capable of jumping many times their height and length, giving the group their common name, but they are best known for their plant-sucking nymphs which encase themselves in froth in springtime.

Biggest, Fastest, Bloodiest: Earth’s Most Extreme Insects


Froghopper Head (underside) - Species not noted - superfamily Cercopoidea

Spittle Bugs/Froghoppers Are Bad Bugs! (Prosapia bicincta Kaldari) or the superfamily Cercopoidea, are a group of insects. A few species are serious agricultural pests. These families are best known for the nymph stage, which produces a cover of frothed-up plant sap resembling spit; froghopper nymphs are therefore commonly known as spittlebugs...


Spittle Bug nymph protects itself by producing a large amount of "spittle" becomes a froghopper.


Creepy crawlies: Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of insects and spiders

A coloured scanning electron micrograph of the underside of the head of a froghopper (superfamily Cercopoidea)

froghopper (superfamily Cercopoidea)

Froghopper bug.also called spittlebug...will 2013 be a bad yr for them