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"The art of medicine consists of training the patient, while nature cures the sickness." - Voltaire #voltaire #quote #sharphealthcare

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"Part of the cure is the willingness to heal." - Seneca #seneca #quote #sharphealthcare

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"Health isn't everything, but without it, everything else is nothing." - Schopenhauer #schopenhauer #quote #sharphealthcare

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"Humans spend the first half of their life ruining their health, and the other half trying to restore it." - Joseph Leonard #leonard #quote #sharphealthcare

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SHC Number

There's always a little truth

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Free will, but be ready for the consequences of your choices.

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I won't forget this, again.

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.Like when my husband of 23+ years LEFT me for work when I had cancer. Ya - His true colors really showed then! They still do...

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"Once #children learn how to #learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind" Marva Collins. What will we do with it?

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