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Fabriquer son biais

Tuto parfait pour fabriquer son biais, très détaillé ( inclus les marges de coutures, ce que les autres tutos ne mentionnent pas en général ) Je fais en général un carré de 35 X 35 pour mon biais 4 cm = 3 mètres de biais Plus

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Distance entre 2 villes du monde

125. At an earlier time, when the Giza Pyramids were built, this distance however still amounted to 152,500,000 kilometres, a number which is also of enormous significance in regard to the calculation of the entire universe's 280 elements. 126. 150,000 astronomical units corresponds to around 4,000 times the distance from the Sun to the planet Pluto

This #tbt #burgernight #poster entered the atmosphere above Czechoslovakia and Poland and, after 9.8 seconds, returned to space. Named EN131090, the 44-kilogram (97 lb) meteoroid was observed travelling 409 kilometres (254 mi) at a speed of 42 km/s (26 mi/s) by cameras of the European Fireball Network. Its apparent magnitude peaked at −6.3, several times brighter than Venus's peak magnitude. Observations of such events are quite rare; this was the second recorded by scientific astronomical…

Le site dispose d'un algorithme pour le calcul de distance entre villes, vous saurez approximativement le kilométrage qui séparera vos points de départs et de destination. Servez-vous de cet outil gratuit : distance Angers Villeurbanne, distance entre Nantes et autres.

High Intensity Interval Training - Tabata Protocol

Source: Flickr/Austronesian Expeditions. The European Space Agency’s Cryosat – a satellite with a radar altimeter that can peer through the clouds and see in the dark – has confirmed that 150 cubic kilometres of ice are drifting into the Southern Ocean each year: a much faster rate than the calculation for 2010. - See more at:

Tuto pour faire un passepoil Photo_blog_louise_761

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How to Sew Piping from Country Woman -- shared by Beth Huntington of The Renegade Seamstress

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