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Calcul Congé Parental

Several of the changes to the FMLA regulations made in this Final Rule, including military caregiver leave for a veteran, qualifying exigency leave for parental care, and the special leave calculation method for flight crew employees, became available on the effective date of the Final Rule on March 8, 2013

Motherhood: One of the hardest jobs there is if you try your hardest to do it right! The most rewarding and prosperous job there is if you instill in your children, from the time they are born, what the Lord expects of them, to know and believe that Jesus Christ is the only one that can truly make them HAPPY and to always put God first and to seek his wisdom before every decision!! ~ JHD

A Clash of Cultures in our Genes by Carol P. Christ. I carry the exact replica of MDNA handed down from mother to daughter since the depths of the last Ice Age 17,000 years ago. My father carries the YDNA of the Indo-Europeans handed down from father to son since the time when his male ancestors invaded Europe about 5000 years ago.