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Our Lady of Grace, limestone polychrome, Languedoc, 1470 - Toulouse, Musée des Augustins Toulouse Musee des Augustins / Photo Daniel Martin.

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Babygoyle- gargoyle sculpture- gothic architectural ornament- Cast Shadows Studio- Richard Chalifour

Il sagit de « Babygoyle »... sauf si vous avez un meilleur nom ? Il est seulement environ 6 po de haut... à lheure actuelle, mais ils nobtiennent pas


The Steampunk Corset. This beautiful chocolate brown Veg leather & brass underbust corset is a highly individual Steampunk Corset. A great centrepiece


Baby's black balloon makes her fly I almost fell into that hole in your life And you're not thinking 'bout tomorrow Cuz you were the same as me But on your knees A thousand other boys could never reach you How could I have been the one? I saw the world spin beneath you And scatter like ice from the spoon that was your womb Comin' down the world turned over And angels fall without you there And I go on as you get colder Or are you someone's prayer?

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en baby rockeuse - Visions de Paradis

Vanessa...... en baby rockeuseBlouson (Jean-Claude Jitrois). Débardeur (Carven). Soutien-gorge (L’Agence au Bon Marché). Jupe (Vanessa Bruno). Collier et ch...