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Buried Traduction

"Discovered in 1923 by Stapleton McTavish the famous explorer and collector of ancient occult artifacts, while searching for one of the lost cities of Nubia. Found in a temple buried under the sand 250 miles North of Khartoum. It has, so far defied translation. The strange text appears on a number of recently discovered papyrus, thought to be the missing pages from the dreaded Necronomicon"


Ainsi rêvent les Femmes | 1945 | Kathrine Kressmann Taylor (1903-1996) | Traduction Laurent Bury

Between dreams and reality | Dark Alchemy de Laura Bickle (VO)


Racism can be subtle. Racism can be disguised with "good intentions."

à partir de Etsy

Autism Awareness handmade photo frame with recycled puzzle pieces, logo for Autism Asperger & (ADHD classic autisten PDD NOS etc)

Autisme sensibilisation la main cadre photo avec des morceaux de puzzle recyclé…


Words we don't have in English but should

à partir de Abduzeedo

Tokyo by Night by Masashi Wakui

The city of Tokyo, Japan is one the most wanted places to visit in the World. I haven't had the chance to go visit yet and the series Tokyo at Night by Masashi Wakui surely doesn't help as well.


L’#Islam a cinq piliers que tout #Musulmans doivent assurer. Le #Prophète #Muhammad en parle dans ce hadith: «L’Islam est basé sur cinq principes: De témoigner que nul autre que Dieu doit être adoré et que Muhammad est le Messager d’Allah. D’effectuer la prière De payer la Zakat (aumône) De jeûner pendant le mois de Ramadan D’effectuer le Haj


A man leaves a stone during a ceremony celebrating the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, April 18, 2010. 70 years after the liberation of the former Nazi camps continue to plunge us into horror. Dutch researchers said Friday they had discovered a new mass grave in the former Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany . The mass grave, measuring 16 meters by 4, was discovered thanks to testimonies of former detainees, including the Dutch resistance…


New Technique Dates Rock Art in Australia’s Western Desert - Archaeology Magazine