Gardenia Bush - So beautiful and the blooms are big and smell so good

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Gardenia -- Mother had Daddy plant gardenias under all the bedroom windows in Macon. Back then, we didn't have air conditioning and humid summers were miserable. We had burglar bars on all the first story windows so we could leave the windows wide open at night, and an attic fan to draw cool night air -- and the scent of gardenias -- through the house. I still adore them.

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Le JaRdin de l'îL d'ElLe

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I love the hydrangeas falling all over each other at different heights against the house. Cottage Garden Design - Monrovia Cottage Garden Style & Inspiration

Camelia 'Nicky Crisp pot de 8 litres'

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Rose Garden

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Aromathérapie: le parfum de jasmin aussi puissant que les médicaments sédatifs

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tapis-exterieur-balcon-bleu-blanc-fleurs Blue and white hydrangiia bushes planted along the balcony walls with a few small gardenia bushes at each end of settee.

What Kind of Food Do Gardenia Plants Need?

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Gardenia Bush (Gardenia augusta) | Naples Florida

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