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Breaking Bad Gus Death

Ces morts en séries dont on ne s'est jamais remis ! (ATTENTION SPOILERS !): Tim Speedle - Les Experts : Miami

Gus - Breaking Bad 60 morts en séries dont on ne s'est jamais remis


I had to rewind when the reveal came. I pretty much lost my shit.


¿Sos fan de Breaking Bad?


The Death of Gus Fring, Extended Edition BREAKING BAD Music Video 'Goodb...

Celebrity portraits by The Times

Bryan Cranston and Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito at Alamo City Comic Con September 26-28, 2014.

Victor~In the scariest Gus moment ever, the drug kingpin entered the lab where Walt and Jesse awaited his judgment regarding Gale's murder. Without saying a word, he changed into lab clothing, walked over to Victor and sliced his throat with a box cutter. Why? That's up for debate. Perhaps it was because Victor failed to keep Walt in line and allowed Gale to die.


Breaking Bad. This was hands down the best death scene ever. Great series, perfect character development. Watch from the beginning. It's on netflix.