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15 astuces pour avoir de beaux cheveux tout l'été

Voici une coiffure ne nécessitant pas de séchage et qui tient deux jours. Rentrez les mèches sous un bandeau. Défaites-les le lendemain et vous aurez des ondulations naturelles.


Ways to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy

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Good cheap homemade aphid killer. Kills on contact. Not a preventative though, so be prepared to use often. Edit: Word of caution. Don't tet this sit for more than a few days. I let it sit for more than a week and then sprayed my plants some more with it. The next day I noticed the leaves were starting to curl and had brown spot all over the underside. Pretty sure since it has the onion and garlic in it that bad bacteria start to form over time.


She Tucks Her Hair Into A Headband. When She Takes It Off The Next Day, The Result Is Stunning

Seriously the best wave/curls ever!

Heatless long drinking straws curls for all hair types. Yes you heard right! ➰ You can dry your hair using a blow dryer but it is best to leave your hair overnight in order to prevent from damages that come with heating your hair like hair breakage!! ➰ Remove the straws the next day and you can style your hair as you wish. ➰ With straw curls, there is no limit to how you can wear your hair. It is good for all hair types as long and short hair can rock this hair excellently. Song: Fery...


Frisez vos cheveux sans chaleur - et ça marche!

V arctic gold dry and style gift set

ghd Curl Hold Spray,


“This style works best with any type of one-day-dirty hair,” says veteran stylist and salon owner, Melissa Wagner, “but for long, fine hair, it needs to be clean—or else the style will wilt.”