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Botswana Masculin

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Savannah Revisited: The Belmond Eagle Island Lodge in Botswana

© Belmond Eagle Island Lodge Botswana.


Proud Impala Buck in Okavango


Male or female?? Scientists believe that this beautiful ‘masculine’ female was born from an embryo whose development had been affected either at the point of conception, or while forming in the womb. This doesn’t seem to affect her chances of survival, especially since she already belongs to a pride. In fact, while treated as a female within her own pride, outside the family group she is thought of as a male, which appears to make it easier to fend off hyenas and rival males. I photographed…

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Bobby McAlpine = A Badass Architect You Will Love!

Bobby McAlpine = A Badass Architect You Will Love! - laurel home

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Namibia - Kalahari Bushman, Namibia by 9teen87's Postcards, via Flickr