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The History of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog states that it is a large, powerful…
Lost Armadillo Ranch Anatolian Shepherd dogs"
turkish girl with dog

Girl And Her Dog Rescue A Mother Goat And Her Newborn Baby

TÜRK kızı,
Shepherd from Boyali village in the Beypazari region

The Friendly Locals of Beypazari, Ankara : Turkish Travel Blog

Anatolian Ocağı, Turkey
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Kangal Dog -The Kangal is a breed of livestock guardian dog that lives with the flock of sheep to actively fend off wolves, bears and jackals. The Sivas Kangal Dog's protectiveness, loyalty and gentleness with small children and animals has led to its growing popularity as a guardian for families as well, as it regards people as its "flock" and guards them with extreme devotion.