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Barre Curl

flattening our tummies with a special series of abdominal curls.Welcome to week four of the Women’s Weekly’s with Xtend Barre instructor, Shay Stafford.

Curl up Series - Get a flat stomach with BBF Curl up ABS #livebythebarrecode


Set d'haltères disques revêtement plastique avec poignées + barre curl 70 Kg

How To: Workout Top Knot | This go-to hairstyle is a must for taming curls while breaking a sweat in barre class or at home | 1. Pull hair back into a high ponytail. For super smooth strands, use Aussie Sprunch Mousse + Leave-in Conditioner before you style • 2. Twist hair in a circular motion and tuck into elastic. Pro Tip: Working out hard? Use bobby pins for extra hold • 3. Finish with Aussie Sprunch Non-Aerosol Hairspray and you’re set.

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barre basics: 7 barre moves to tone and tighten

front attitude leg extension + internal curl


Oblique Abdominal Curls with Magic Circle Inner Thigh Squeeze


Igor SIWANOWICZ : Whaouu ! Je remet cet article que j'avais fait dans la première version du site, vous me l'avez demandé, et bien le revoici avec des photos extraordinaires, il faut le dire ! Igor Siwanowicz est polonais, et met la barre extrêmement haute concernant les prises de vues de ces insectes, reptiles, oiseaux et mollusques. Les couleurs d'arrières plans sont belles et sobres.

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How do you arch your back?

Clearing up confusion about arching, curling, flexion and extension

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The 21 Best Bodyweight Moves for Your Abs

Lying Side Crunch Lie on on your side with knees bent at a right angle and twisted to the left. Curl upper body, lifting shoulders off the floor a few inches. Pause at the top of the contraction and slowly lower back down. Switch sides and repeat.