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I like to think all anime protagonists would be best friends

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adult Aang tattoo alt by on @DeviantArt

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Use these images to develop sequences of movement material? An illustration of the four elemental bending styles in the world of The Last Avatar

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The ones that come before

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Aang's not my favorite character because he's the main guy, he's my favorite character because he evolves in every book in the series. He goes from being a fun-loving Aribender looking for thrill rides with Animals to a powerful, serious, influential Avatar that would later bring so much change to the world. I really felt like Aang's journey was a Hero's Journey in every sense of the phrase. I'll always hold on to the memories of growing up with him and seeing him accept his identity…

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adult Aang-revision by Sketchydeez on deviantART

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Cosmic Avatar State Aang Plus

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Korra, Aang, Sokka, Zuko, and Toph

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ATLA - Book One: Water by on @DeviantArt

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Team Air - by Vallina84LAST CHANCE TEEAvailable for £10/€12/$14 from Qwertee for 24 hours only.

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