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Car brand auctioned:Audi S5 4.2 V8- Quattro Premium Plus AWD 2dr Coupe 6A 2010 Car model audi s 5 4.2 v 8 quattro premium plus awd 2 dr coupe used 4.2 l v 8 automatic Check more at


S5 Vossen read that as an Audi S 5 Vossen. I love Audis, the R 8 is way cool, the A8 L is uber luxorius. The TT coupe is the poor man's sports car. Every Audi to fill every garage. (And I love Japanese cars; this is my favorite German car}.


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Audi: S5 Prestige | Navigation, Back Up Cam, Bluetooth 13 audi s 5 prestige silver quattro coupe sunroof heated leather Check more at 2013 AUDI R8 [ VIDEO ] ~ Grease n Gasoline


Carsthatnevermadeitetc What a difference 40 years makes Today, August 30, marks the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the Audi 5-cylinder engine, in the C2 series Audi 100 5E, in 1976. The 2.1 litre 5E produced 136ps. The engine has continued to be developed so that currently the ultimate production version of Audi’s 5 cylinder engine appears in the Audi TT RS where the 2.5 TFSI produces 400PS