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This is my name in colors. First, I converted my name to binary using the ASCII code and made one long string of binary. Then, I converted that to hexadecimal, which also codes for colors. I took the first 6 digits of the hexadecimal number and made that the first color and took the next six and made them into the other color. Then, I added on what was left over (because it wasn't enough to make another color)

extra file format

Kitty : 1968 - Directed by N. Konstantinov. One of the earliest examples of computer animation hails from Russia in 1968. It's sort of ASCII art set in motion. Yes, even back then people with computers were just as fascinated with cats as we are today.


Example of conversion from binary to decimal


likeafieldmouse: Do-Ho Suh - High School Uni-Form (1997)

Eighteen Types by Andrew Hurle. Photos of Tokyo bar girls converted to ASCII, and mangled.


Alien Workshop Crop Circles Illusion -


NXW396 - COMMAND CARD - The NXW396 is a card designed for open protocol PC communication. It allows system inputs/outputs integration with a link to a private PC application. The Command Card communicates with ASCII text commands sent through a RS485 interface. The NXW396 is subordinated to the external transmission controller (for example a PC equipped with a suitable application: a RS485/RS232 or RS485/USB converter).

XLSTextLines© This utility converts a standard ASCII text file to a Microsoft Office spreadsheet (XLS). Use the built in file explorer to locate the text file and tap on it to convert the XLS file format. You can also preview the XLS spreadsheet in Pocket Excel. The XLS spreadsheet libs are from 'xlslib -- A multiplatform, C/C++ library' Copyright(c) 2008 David Hoerl