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"Pointy teeth=carnivores" I couldn't say it better myself

Dent de dinosaure en pâte à sel

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Star Shark - made to order


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Shark Crafts & Songs & Activities for Preschool Children

Shark Sounds Action Song "The mouth on the shark goes snap, snap, snap," and have the kids snap their fingers. "The teeth on the shark go clap, clap, clap," and have them hold palms together and clap hands sharply. "The tail on the shark goes whoosh, whoosh, whoosh," and have the kids press hands together and wiggle in a forward motion. "The people in the water shout, shark, shark, shark," holding their hands around their mouths to shout.

Found some shark's teeth and decided to make some necklaces after playing around with wire.

Shark Attack Game ~ It's basically like hot potato. First draw a basic shark face, with teeth on a white balloon. Play the Jaws theme music while passing the balloon shark around. Whoever is holding the shark when the music stopped got "attacked" and had to leave the circle

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Wearable Air Mattress Catch some Z’s wherever you...

Shark Socks Whod ever thought having your foot chomped on by a great white could feel so good? Once this handmade shark sock latches its yarn teeth around you and envelops your feet in its cozy innards youll never want him to let go. $38.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

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3D Shark Sea Animal Hug Wrap Ring in Silver - Sizes 5 to 10 from DOTOLY