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Dent de dinosaure en pâte à sel

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Star Shark - made to order

Huge .925 Claw holding Real Shark's Tooth Pendant Nearly 4" Long and 2.4" Wide, This One of a kind Pendant is Amazing!! The Tooth alone is 2.75" x 2.4" Wide. The Claw, craftsman made from .925 Silver Hols the Tooth I place, the Bale which swivels around will take a large chain, as the Bale opening is 15mm! NO TRADES PRICE IS FIRM!! ( Shown with Turquoise for demonstration ONLY! No Necklace is included) Jewelry

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Depicts 270,000 fossilized shark teeth, equal to the estimated number of sharks of all species killed around the world every day for their fins.

Shark Sounds Action Song "The mouth on the shark goes snap, snap, snap," and have the kids snap their fingers. "The teeth on the shark go clap, clap, clap," and have them hold palms together and clap hands sharply. "The tail on the shark goes whoosh, whoosh, whoosh," and have the kids press hands together and wiggle in a forward motion. "The people in the water shout, shark, shark, shark," holding their hands around their mouths to shout.

Mano Jr. necklace - tiny sterling silver shark tooth necklace

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Shark Tooth Bracelet, Wrap Around Bracelet, Wrap Bracelet, Gold Shark Tooth, Brass Shark Tooth, Summer Jewelry, Unisex Bracelet

Shark Socks Whod ever thought having your foot chomped on by a great white could feel so good? Once this handmade shark sock latches its yarn teeth around you and envelops your feet in its cozy innards youll never want him to let go. $38.00 Check It Out Awesome Sht You Can Buy

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