I live in a decent sized apartment with what seems like an entire house full of belongings, space is hard to come by around here. I have 8 fishing poles ...

As babies grow into toddlers, they become infinitely more clever and aware of the world around them, which makes getting them to take those much-needed afternoon naps almost impossible. As toddlers are naturally inquisitive and active, it can be challenging to … Plus

Temple tax craft - Matthew 17:24-27. Wrap tissue paper around a toilet paper roll for the fish. Cut the tissue paper longer than the roll to make the fringe on the tail. Add a magnet to the top of the fish' mouth. Use a chopstick for the fishing rod and tie a string to the worm (3 small pompoms with a magnet). Insert a paper coin and placed it in the mouth of the fish. Happy fishing!

With a fishing rod?

One way to keep them organized was to use 3M hooks on their bunk bed to hang the hats around the bed. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Got some paracord laying around? Time to put it to some good use.How to Make a Fishing Lure from Paracord and 5 Other Household Objects

Creepy Crawler Carnival Games Part 1 - Hungry Happenings

What an awesome day on the water! Today the kids casted their lines and went fishing for LETTERS! We had two colorful fishing ponds, one for the babies to crawl around on and grab the over-sized plastic letters and the big kids received homemade fishing rods perfect for capturing letter fish.

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Ronco Pocket Fisherman

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www.Orvis.com For those pursuant of a classic Fly Reel that does most everything... the Orvis Mir - Arbor Reel at around $100 is it! In gold, silver, and black.

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