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texte de la pétition: Vietnam: Stop Dog Meat Abuse

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One by one these frightened animals are illegally sold, tied up, and ‘sacrificed’ ... and cruel live export companies are cashing in.

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Do not let Wokingham Borough Council kill this lonely deer to protect an allotment! (166181 signatures on petition)

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Petitioning Dan O'Malley Lakewood City Council (Dan O'Malley) and 7 others Allow Child with Cystic Fibrosis to Keep Her Dog, a Pit Bull

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Petition · Rt Hon Theresa May MP: To ban halal slaughter in the UK · Please sign the petition . (4852 signed August 6 2016

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Trainers use piglets, bunnies and possums to train greyhounds. The small animals are viciously ripped apart by the dogs. (52070 signatures on petition)

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Sponsor United Republic of Tanzania: End the Barbaric Slaughter of Wild Animals in Tanzania!

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petitie: Tell Scottish Government to Ban Fox Snares!, United Kingdom

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Help Free Depressed Polar Bear Who Lives in a Glass Box so People Can Take Selfies (VIDEO) | One Green Planet

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