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Cameroun – Lutte contre Boko Haram : cinq corps d’islamistes retrouvés après une attaque dans l’Extrême-Nord

The death on this day 13th March,1842, of the English army officer Henry Shrapnel. He invented the shrapnel shell which is named after him. The shell was a hollow cannon ball filled with shot which burst in mid-air and was used as an anti-personal weapon


Panther 36F-505 2015. French Marine Nationale Eurocopter Panther II 36F: FLIR sensor ball can be clearly seen.


Getty Gillies was the first pilot to qualify for the Women’s Auxilary Ferrying Squadron. In early March 1943 Gillies became the first woman to fly the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt when she was checked out on the aircraft at Wilmington, Delaware. Since the P-47 was a single seat aircraft, her first flight was also her first solo flight.