Architecture de la Dynastie Song

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Antique Chinese Porcelain Ewer Song Dynasty 12" tall

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A small 'Qingbai' ewer and cover, Song dynasty

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One of the most famous Chinese paintings, often referred to as “China’s Mona Lisa” has a connection to the Chinese annual Qingming Festival, celebrated April 4-6 on the Western calendar. The painting is called Qingming Shanghe Tu. Qingming (清明) means…

Eleven-Headed Guanyin, 1100-1200, China, late Northern Song dynasty-Jin dynasty

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Song Dynasty Town, a beautiful place; Song Dynasty Town, a song culture places; Song Dynasty Town, a show of song of eternal love. Beautiful scenery, a window of a door, one showed Chinese Ancient Song Dynasty style.

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Wine Ewer and Basin, Qingbai ware, Song dynasty, 11th century

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Bambi - Tyrus Wong

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A small Longquan celadon 'Lotus petal' bowl, Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279)

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City God Temple of Pingyao, Constructed during the Song dynasty (960-1279), China

A 'Qingbai' cup and stand, Song dynasty

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