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Arbre Généalogique Vierge

Centre Culturel Irlandais (PARIS) - Psautier Flamand - MS E1 - le livre d'heure - page 38


Le générama est un arbre genealogique vierge


Arbre Généalogique ascendant : Tous les ancêtres d'une personne

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Arbre généalogique



Rohese Giffard 24 Th Great Grand Mother. B. 1029 Longueville ,Normandy , France . Died 1113 Clare Angleterre ,Suffolk , England ..

Genealogy of Mary and several Apostles

Portrait of Charlemagne on the golden Shrine of the Virgin Mary, completed in 1238. The shrine contains the Four Great Relics of Aachen: the cloak of the Blessed Virgin; the swaddling-clothes of the Infant Jesus; the loin-cloth worn by Christ on the Cross; and the cloth on which lay the head of St. John the Baptist after his beheading. These relics are shown to the public every 7 years (next time 2014).

Painting from the Cathedral at Limburg showing the genealogy of Our Lady and Our Lord, also known as the Tree of Jesse. As we celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us recall her Davidic ancestry..Sept 8th