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Aldo Sterone2016 = Annus Horribilis. 2017 (Vidéo) : Trump, Israel… etc…Juste pour dire bonne année…. Officiel: le budget US 2017 prevoit 250 millions $ pour les terroristes syrien…

The Yamaguchi-gumi’s Annus Horribilis

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The offical website of The British Monarchy

Mousse de chou fleur aux carottes et roquefort Société

Panier de Saison » Mousse de chou fleur aux carottes et roquefort Société, Cognac Rémy Martin 1738

2011, annus horribilis pour la technologie

2011, annus horribilis pour la technologie.

CulturAgriCulturE: 84- Intempéries -10- Annus horribilis

#birmingham Holiday Cheer: Rambo the motorcycling alligator allowed to stay with owner! Forget all of the rest of 2016's 'Annus Horribilis', because rambo is riding free once more. Back in March of 2016, the story of Rambo the 'motorcycling alligator' gained international attention, it was a sad, woeful story and one in which it looked ...

Have you ever had an annus horribilis, and just when you think that you will never have a normal life again you have a great day that marks the end of the bad days? 2016 was my annus horribilis, an…

The real purpose of the U.S. government’s report on alleged hacking by Russia --- Welcome to our annus horribilis.

It’s easy for me to dismiss 2016 as a horrible year. Year 2016 is an inspirational and historic moment. There have been eight years of relative progress on issues I care about, from the climate to equality. The election reversed that. Big Oil is now in charge of the environment, a senator with a history of hate is now in charge of the Justice Department, and the new government seems to be of the billionaires, for the billionaires, and by the billionaires. Annus horribilis.