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The look that started it all! Still love those hats. Diane Keaton in Woody Allen's Annie Hall. Styled by Diane Keaton herself.

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Annie Hall (1977)

Annie Hall (Woody Allen) Woody Allen, DIane Keaton, Paul Simon, CHristopher Walken

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Woody Allen et les femmes, une histoire d'amour et de cinéma

CLASSIC GEMS ~~ One of the best film duos in film history -- Diane Keaton, Woody Allen

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How To Dress Up Like Annie Hall For Halloween

Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” (1977)

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Diane Keaton & Woody Allen in Annie Hall (1977 Best Picture Oscar Winner--the year I was born). One of the best romantic movies EVER, even though I hate the ending!

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen filming Annie Hall.

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10 Great Fashion Movies - For You if You Love Fashion


Somewhat Annie Hall-ish

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