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Saayra & Meyreen, jeunes

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It is the sort of elegant dragon that might live in formal gardens, and here it lands on the girls hand with its wings curving round almost like a umbrella.

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Anna Stokes great art.

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Spiral-Magical Cat

Spiral-Magical Cat Plus

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pictures from Anne Stokes | anne stokes

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witches headdress | Prénoms commencant par H (5)

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The subject of a unicorn and a girl has been used in various fantasy, historical and religious images. The unicorn is a magical creature and a symbol of purity and grace. According to legend unicorns are wild and shy animals and can only be tamed by a virgin maiden.

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Anne Stokes ~ Copperwing

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Anne Stokes : Art Gallery ( Love her fantasy art. She has such cool dragons!

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Winged Companions, Anne Stokes

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