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Luv aj I'm cutekoala134  <3  P.S if u no da code 4da claw plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me plzzzzzzz  P.S.S if u play tell me ur use :)
IMPORTANT NOTE: I AM NOT THAT RARE! ... (I think Commander FrozenClaw is getting…
I got: Rare Spiked Collar! Which Animal Jam clothing item are you?

Which Animal Jam clothing item are you?

Animal Jam Cast Maxi Poster
I got: Fox!! What Animal Jam Animal Are you?

What Animal Jam Animal Are you?

Celebrate Night of the Phantoms with some extra spooky SCIENCE! Make your own Magnetic Phantom Slime with this free download from Animal Jam Academy! Have fun and PLAY WILD!
I miss those days, there weren't any rare problems and AJ had an overall good fanbase. Oh well, no one cares about personal thoughts anyways.
OMG This happens to me all the time with beta members to noobie new jammers.
Image result for animal jam furry hat
animal jam Fox
So THATS what happens when you recycle your animals... holy cow
blue is beautiful
arctic fox aj | The Animal Jam Whip: Arctic Fox Graphic
Animal Jam Snow Leopard