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5 Signs That He Has Style

((FC: Andrew Garfield)) Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm 18 and single. I'm bi but I lean more towards guys....I am a bit shy but I can be flirty. Intro?

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*sigh* - Andrew Garfield - Peter Parker - The Amazing Spider-Man

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Me Requete ENCANTA esté hombre!!! (babas) *staring....staring.....staring* Andrew Garfield<3

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Finally watched Spider-man and it is by far my favorite version on spider-man ever made and now I'm more in love with Andrew Garfield :)

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Andrew Garfield - The Amazing Spider-Man

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Andrew Garfield~ One of the best actors of this time! (In my opinion) Absolutely love his work!

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Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

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andrew garfield :) I like how the weirdest thing about you in 1st grade was having glasses and now..

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Hot Guys Of Comic-Con — Pics

He's so beautiful. Plus he is Spider-Man and he's in Doctor who. What more could you ask for? ;)

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Les 50 beaux gosses de l'année

Cet acteur de 22 ans s’est surtout fait connaître à travers des rôles d’ado mal dans leur peau comme dans Be Bad ou Scott Pilgrim. Ses maladresses et sa voix hésitante

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