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Photo of Japanese (Irezumi) tattoo by Ami James

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Ami James. I've always loved him. Bald + ink?? Yes please. Plus he's crazy talented.

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Ami James. And, yes, he does belong on my "Yums" board because let's face it...he is yummy. (Not as yummy as my husband of course though!)

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Chris Nuñez et Ami james, deux très grand tatoueurs, fondateurs de Miami Ink

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Un jour....

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NY Ink

Ami James of NY Ink Artiste tatoueur

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Ami James

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Ami James Photos Photos: Angela Simmons' PETA Campaign Unveiling

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Amy James love it !!!!!!

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Ami James. Just enough wrist.

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Ami James tattooing

Actually my love for training will never end, I already can't wait to get back to it. But needless to say I have to rest from tattooing or fighting for a bit. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend!

Ami James.

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Ami James is amazing at what he does! I want a tattoo done by him! :)

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The best

A beautiful Japanese Peony flower~by Ami James

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