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Amazigh Maroc

Moroccan Berber Amazigh Woman

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Amazigh Motifs

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Leïla Bekhti, à la source des femmes

Moroccan Berber Amazigh Woman

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Beautiful Berber woman, Morocco!

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Africa | Amazigh girl in traditional costume during the Kawafil Festival. Morocco, 2013 | ©Nawzad Skekhany. Ailleurs communication, Jeux-concours, voyages, trade marketing, publicité, buzz, dotations

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Moroccan Berber Amazigh Girl …

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Africa | Portrait of a Jewish Berber girl from Debdou, Morocco. ca. 1915. | Scanned postcard image, photographer unknown.

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Africa | People. Berber children from the Ait Hadiddu tribe. Berbers, the only white-skinned indigenous African race are the original inhabitants of the 'Meghreb' - the Arab name for North Africa, which includes Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the Western part of Libya, all bordered to the south by the Sahara.

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