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Découvrez l'œuvre du Fugu : ce poisson dessine et décore ses propres motifs sous-marins pour attirer l’attention des femelles.

des araignees mangeuses de chauve souris 1 Ces araignées mangeuses de chauve souris toile tarentule repas predation photo mort image etu...

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Japon: Un crop circle mystérieux découvert sous l’océan!

Œuvre d'art sous-marine réalisée par un petit poisson ! Etonnant...

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The White Sandy Beach Paradise of Amami Resort Bashamyamamura!


concrete house in amami ōshima by matsuyama architects and associates - designboom | architecture

Amami Woodpecker, Dendrocopos owstoni: only on Amami Ōshima in the Ryukyu Islands S of Japan, copyright Pete Morris/Birdquest //


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Japanese scuba diver and photographer Yoji Ookata, spotted these beautiful and puzzling patterns in the sand, nearly six feet in diameter and 80 feet below sea level, during a dive near Amami Oshima at the southern tip of the country. The artist is a small puffer fish only a few inches in length that swims tirelessly through the day and night to create these vast organic sculptures using the gesture of a single fin.Apparently the female fish are attracted to the hills and valleys within the…