Glagolitic. While variants of the Cyrillic alphabet have been in use to write Slavic (and some Central Asian, non-Slavic) languages for more than a thousand years, there was another alphabet, so called Glagolitic (from Old Church Slavonic glagol meaning "word"), that was used side-by-side to Cyrillic in the early history of writing in Eastern Europe.The oldest recorded form of a Slavic language is Old Church Slavonic, which used both Cyrillic and its version of Glagolitic.

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Affiche -calligraphie

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Learning Greek and Latin - Benefits Anyone Can Enjoy in Studying Classical Languages

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Graduale Albiense. Date d'édition : 1001-1100 Sujet : Initiales historiées Sujet : Labyrinthe Sujet : Nonenoeane Sujet : Notation musicale. aquitaine Sujet : Reliures aux armes de Colbert (Jean-Baptiste) Sujet : Vers anonymes Type : manuscrit Langue : Latin

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Phoenician Alphabet - which rose the Greek alphabet, and then the Roman alphabet and more recently the modern Western Alphabets - including the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets

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Anachropsy - Calligraphie latine par Benoit Furet - vigne bleue

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Anachropsy - Calligraphie latine par Benoit Furet - S

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Petite histoire de l'alphabet: du phénicien au latin

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Anachropsy - Calligraphie latine par Benoit Furet - On s'occupe comme on peut

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Enluminures par Mona Dalbec: Lettres

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