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Alcool Jeune Conducteur

alcool jeune conducteur 0,2g/l de sang

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Innovation & Startup : Une barrière de parking ne s'ouvre que si les conducteurs passent un éthylotest

Une barrière de parking ne s'ouvre que si les conducteurs passent un éthylotest -


Alcohol Consumption is on the rise in Greek organizations

Alcohol, Pot Fuel Half of Young Driver Deaths, Report Finds #health #addiction #lifestyle

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17 Alcohol-Free Cocktails For The New Year's Eve Party

You can't have a proper New Years' Eve party without some fancy cocktails, but what to offer your guests who are still underage young adults,pregnant, not allowed to drink alcohol or are the night's designated drivers? You make them some …

Drunk Driving is stupid. And the people who do it are even dumber & I have zero respect for those type of people. I refuse to surround myself with immature assclowns like that. I used to be one of those assclowns, but managed to pull my head out of my ass so I don't make people like this young girl pictured above, a victim of my immaturity.

Drunk driving is more dangerous for the youth. They are the majority that are involved in drunk driving accidents. This an infographic for America, but it's still interesting! #DontDrinkAndDrive #Alcohol


Hosted by a career EMT, this video reveals the hard truth and horrifying ordeals resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol-a young woman telling of having to identify her little sister's body at a morgue after she was killed by an intoxicated teen driver; an ER doctor talks about "breaking the news" to parents whose son was killed in a drunk driving crash; and a young man shares the details of his living nightmare when he killed his two best friends while he was DUI.