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Albert Beckles

Albert Beckles - The Vegetarian Bodybuilder of Pumping Iron -

Visit for more information on bodybuilding and sports nutrition Did you know What´s new #curiosities #fact #benefits #Mr #olympia Albert Beckles 53 years old the #oldest #competitor #wonderful Did you know?

VEGETARIAN Bodybuilder Huge Massive Muscles Albert Beckles EATS NO RED MEAT - High Carb Diet - Photos! /


El hombre que bebio oro monoatomico:Albert Beckles

VEGETARIAN BODYBUILDER beat THE INCREDIBLE HULK Lou Ferrigno in the Mister Olympia Night of Champions contest. All without eating red meat. Pollo-Vegetarian Albert Beckles is a Mister Olympia calibre bodybuilding champion, packed with huge amounts of #Fitness


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