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Aimé Césaire Poème

La patrie d’Aimé Césaire fut d'abord l’écriture, outil par excellence de la reconstitution de notre identité collective. "Cahier d'un retour au pays natal" est le poème" premier", car le cri d'une prise de conscience fondamentale". Extrait d'une dédicace d'Aimé Césaire, 11 Août 2003. Photo AFP 2007.


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Poèmes - Léopold Sédar Senghor (Relié)

#littérature #poésie #idée_cadeau : Poèmes de Léopold Sédar Senghor. Seuil, 1964. Imprimé en 10/1983. 286 pp. reliées.


French poet Aimé Césaire - In addition to poems and plays, is also the author of Discourse on Colonialism (1950), a book of essays which has become a classic text of French political literature and helped establish the literary and ideological movement Negritude, a term Césaire defined as “the simple recognition of the fact that one is black, the acceptance of this fact and of our destiny as blacks, of our history and culture.”

French poet and politician, Aime Cesaire (1913-2008), from the Carribbean isle of Martinique took a stand for equality of all peoples as well as responsibility of all peoples.Another translation of the final words of this poem follows: "And we know now that the sun turns around our earth illuminating the portion that our will alone has determined and that and that any star falls from sky to earh at our limitless command..." Equality, responsibility and potentiality seem to walk hand-in-hand.

Léon-Gontran Damas Léon-Gontran Damas (March 28 1912 January 22 1978) was a French poet and politician. He was one of the founders of the Négritude movement. He also used the pseudonym Lionel Georges André Cabassou. Biography Léon Damas was born in Cayenne French Guiana to Ernest Damas a mulatto of European and African descent and Bathilde Damas a Métisse of native American and African ancestry. In 1924 Damas was sent to Martinique to attend the Lycée Victor Schoelcher (a secondary…

Notebook of a Return to the Native Land (Wesleyan Poetry Series) ~ by Aime Cesaire, Annette Smith, Clayton Eshleman | Aimé Césaire's masterpiece, Notebook of a Return to the Native Land, is a work of immense cultural significance and beauty. The long poem was the beginning of Césaire's quest for négritude, and it became an anthem of Blacks around the world. | With its emphasis on unusual juxtapositions of object and metaphor, manipulation of language into puns and neologisms, and rhythm…