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So you've majored in criminal justice. Now what do you do with it?

So you've majored in criminal justice. Now what do you do with it?


2014 La Voie de l’ennemi | Zwina Tv | زوينة تيفي Garnett, ancien membre d’un gang du Nouveau Mexique vient de passer 18 ans en prison pour meurtre. Avec l’aide d’Emily Smith, agent de probation chargée de sa mise à....

La Voie de l'ennemi

Two Men In Town (Rachid Bouchareb), 2014 - La Voie de l'Ennemi

The high-ranking FBI Agent who was convicted for assaulting a teenager last year, shoving the 15-year-old down and pulling a gun on him while intervening in a custodial dispute that had nothing to do with him, was sentenced to probation Wednesday, meaning he will be allowed to keep his job. After all, Montgomery County Circuit Judge …

Sergeant Kenneth Steil Detroit Police Department, Michigan EOW: Saturday, September 17, 2016

I have had someone say this to me, and it made my day. I was working ss a Juvenile Attendant at the Detention Center here in Pocatello. She approached me on ISU Campus a couple of years ago and thanked me for guiding her in a positive direction, to focus on her education to better her life, and focus on her future. She is currently still enrolled in school and going into Social Work, so she can help kids who have walked in the same path she has walked. I was in tears when she told me I was…


10 must-read books for probation and parole officers


Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists


Mental health patient shot dead by South Carolina probation agent. (Chicago Tribune, 1/27/14) #Disability #MentalHealth #ProbationAgent #SC

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