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Prendre une photo et la partager est devenu un jeu d’enfant. Avant de publier votre prochaine photo (de chez vous ou dehors), pensez aux aspects de sécurité en vous posant les questions suivantes

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Kate Moss: The Brand

Kate Moss for Topshop logo by Peter Saville in collaboration with typographer Paul Barnes based off of Brodovitch Albro, a typeface by Alexey Brodovitch, the legendary art director of Harper's Bazaar from 1934-58.

"The term "Steampunk" was coined by Jeter to describe the writing genre of the three Cal State Fullerton alumni/authors~ Tim Powers, James Blaylock, KW Jeter."...


Don't waste it (WWII poster). Definitely important things to be thinking of. Hunger didn't end with WWII neither should our responsible use practices


LES DISCUSSIONS RESPONSABLES - Accountable Talk (en Français) - for use with "Grand Conversations", Math Talk, Inquiries, Debates for grade 2-8 French Immersion. Large variety of Sentence Prompts and Stems, Vocab, Posters, Learning Goal, Success Criteria, Rubric, Debate worksheet. Teacher Notes in English, Student work in French.