L'invention qui fait marcher les enfants handicapés

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Occupational Therapy Ideas for Kids

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Serpent pour apprendre à boutonner et développer la motricité fine.

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Conductive learning

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My Child Without Limits has Alternative Financing Program (AFP). People who don’t qualify for traditional bank loans may find AFPs more receptive to their applications.

Cerebral palsy occupational activity

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To get started, take a look at this gallery of images related to setup, bowhold, and simple solutions for teachers and students. A Hypermobile Thumb Many folks hold their writing implement in crazy ways that don't support their joints well- take a look at your students' holds if you notice a general issue transferring to the music lesson. This is called the writing claw and can help children learn the fine motor skills to hold a crayon/pencil/etc. RH Pinky Won't Stay Bent In using…

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Funding Resources for Special Needs and Adaptive Equipment | e-Special Needs

Create a pony tail with 1-UP one hand hair ties. Can be used by those living with: limb differences, amputation, stroke, cerebral palsy, paralysis, hemiparesis, broken arm, broken wrist

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