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TDC, n° 1074, 15 avril 2014 – La génétique - ressource professeurs -

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EXPOSITION - LES FEMMES PIONNIÈRES DE ROUYN-NORANDA | Quoi faire à Rouyn-Noranda | CLD de Rouyn-Noranda Tourisme

Principales pionnières féministes du Québec


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Mary Loomis was one of the few women who were radio engineers in the 1920s. She opened a school in Washington, D.C., to teach radio operation and engineering.

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Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed (1860 – 1934) was a British pioneer of mountaineering in a time when it was almost unheard of for a woman to climb mountains. She moved to Switzerland, where she climbed mountains in her skirt. She wrote seven books on mountain climbing and over her lifetime climbed twenty peaks that no one had climbed before. As Mrs Aubrey Le Blond she made at least 10 films of alpine activities in the Engadine Valley of Switzerland.

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Bronka Klibanski, 1942. Jewish resistance. She obtained critical weapons for the Bialystok ghetto revolt, gathered intelligence, rescued other Jews and saved the secret archive of the ghetto; continued her underground activities after the Bialystok ghetto was destroyed, working with five young women to continue rescuing & helping Jews. They also smuggled weapons, supplies and medicine to the partisans in the forests near Bialystok, and were awarded medals as heroines of the USSR after the…

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Géo ado : le plaisir d'explorer.

TDC, n° 1085, 1er décembre 2014 – Le voyage imaginaire | Un numéro sur la littérature des voyages...

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TDC 1077, du 15 juin 2014

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