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Partitions pour clochettes musicales colorées

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échange de balle sur la musique de la lettre à Elise

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la danse des foulards - YouTube

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Stage d'initiation à la percussion corporelle animé par Athman Saly de l'association des P'tites Frappes

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Make Homemade Music with These 6 DIY Instruments

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The Cup Game. Remember doing this in school? I remember being in a cafeteria at a band competition and a bunch of people were doing it with pop cans. It was a pretty cool sound.

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Caracolus - le petit escargot farceur qui adore la lecture et ... l'école!

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Primary Music Lesson: Rhythmically Speaking: 1 The Rhythm Game - YouTube

Music Lessons for the Young Child: MUSIC NOTATION Love the way the notation is set out. Could use Post-It notes and write the crotchets and quavers on them.

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Oh, Susanna | Free Sheet Music Orff Orchestration