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Achat Poule Pondeuse

Comment acheter une poule pondeuse : 5 questions à poser avant votre achat, via Améliorez votre cheptel et achetez avec confiance!


The Mini Coop Plex with a 8 foot wide by 4 foot deep footprint. It is two complete coops in one Each side of the coop has a removable nest box. Will house up to 3 laying hens per side, 6 total. Each coop section is 2 feet by 4 feet and each run area is 4 foot by 4 foot. Have your laying hens on one side and your replacement stock or smaller breed birds on the other side. Stands about 5-feet tall at front. If you would like to purchase a detailed set of plans to build this coop…

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10 Tips on How to Raise Chickens for Meat

10 Tips to Raising Meat Chickens Every wondered about raising meat chickens? Here's what you need to know. They're quite different from laying hens, let me tell ya!:

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Egg Carton Labels and Animal Welfare -

The article contains additional info - It covers the certifying organizations, not just the labels. Learn which egg carton labels and certification stamps are most meaningful for the welfare of laying hens, so you can make informed purchases.

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How do you start raising chickens? A: Purchase day-old chicks from a feedstore or an online source. When your chicks arrive, keep them indoors in a heated brooder. Line the birds' temporary home with a fresh layer of pine shavings every day. When the chicks develop feathers, move them outdoors to a coop, where they can roost and lay eggs. Hens should start laying eggs at about six months. Baby Chicken running. - Darren Moston/Flickr/Getty Images