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Academie Limoges

Éginhard Vita" Caroli magni imperatoris"-Lettrine V historiée Charlemagne assis, abbaye St-Martial de Limoges v.1050.- 11) L'ACADEMIE PALATINE: Le 1° des 2 passages cités exprime l'admiration sincère quoique relative, du docte anglais pour la discipline intellectuelle de la Grèce antique; le second, malgré une touche d'humour, ne dément pas l'impression produite par le précédent. ALCUIN est, somme toute, un bon témoin de la révérence carolingienne envers la culture "classique".

Dragon Zoomorphic Initial, British Library Royal MS 6 C III, folio 2r, 12th Century.

BnF - Livres carolingiens, manuscrits de Charlemagne à Charles le Chauve

Engelberg, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. 72: Benedictus s. abbas. Regula lat. germanica· 1267-1276 (

The Epiphany of the Lord - Et adorabunt eum omnes reges, omnes gentes servient ei. | image: Adoration of the Magi (detail), from the Ruskin Hours, French, about 1300. J. Paul Getty Museum.

Across the top of this page from the Luttrell Psalter stretches a hybrid creature with two dragon's heads and clawed feet emerging at either end of a turtle shell. At the right: a curly-haired man with flamboyant headgear, but with no arms, perches precariously on a tendril which morphs from the tail of a grotesque that worms in to fill up a line ending. Below: another grotesque with a rodent head and a foliate tendril instead of a tongue & scaly legs

A little spider in Justinian's "Digestum Vetus", probably created in Bologna, Italy, in the late 13th century. Amiens, Bibliothèque Municiaple, Ms. 347, fol. 153.

"Initial D: The Virgin and Child," Masters of Dirc van Delf, about 1405 - 1410. Tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment. | Within this initial D, the Madonna of Humility sits humbly on the ground. Despite her lowly pose, the anonymous artist or artists, known as the Masters of Dirc van Delf, reminded the viewer of the Virgin's lofty status as the Queen of Heaven by showing her crowned and celebrated by a music-making angel in the upper border.

Manuscript Containing Allegorical and Medical Drawings. Germany. 1410.

Illuminated manuscript in the collection of Utrecht University Library, The Netherlands.