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Academie limoges

Éginhard Vita" Caroli magni imperatoris"-Lettrine V historiée Charlemagne assis, abbaye St-Martial de Limoges v.1050.- 11) L'ACADEMIE PALATINE: Le 1° des 2 passages cités exprime l'admiration sincère quoique relative, du docte anglais pour la discipline intellectuelle de la Grèce antique; le second, malgré une touche d'humour, ne dément pas l'impression produite par le précédent. ALCUIN est, somme toute, un bon témoin de la révérence carolingienne envers la culture "classique".

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Across the top of this page from the Luttrell Psalter stretches a hybrid creature with two dragon's heads and clawed feet emerging at either end of a turtle shell. At the right: a curly-haired man with flamboyant headgear, but with no arms, perches precariously on a tendril which morphs from the tail of a grotesque that worms in to fill up a line ending. Below: another grotesque with a rodent head and a foliate tendril instead of a tongue & scaly legs

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Roman de la Rose, MS M.245 fol. 22v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum

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"Initial D: The Virgin and Child," Masters of Dirc van Delf, about 1405 - 1410. Tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment. | Within this initial D, the Madonna of Humility sits humbly on the ground. Despite her lowly pose, the anonymous artist or artists, known as the Masters of Dirc van Delf, reminded the viewer of the Virgin's lofty status as the Queen of Heaven by showing her crowned and celebrated by a music-making angel in the upper border.

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Roman de la Rose, MS M.245 fol. 11r - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum

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Illuminated manuscript in the collection of Utrecht University Library, The Netherlands.

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Leviticus cum glossa ordinaria Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Latin 184, fol. 2v.

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Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Philologiæ et Mercurii, 11th centuryFlorence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, San Marco 190, f. 102r This work introduces a different world system from the one devised by Ptolemy. The Moon, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn orbit around the Earth, while Mercury and Venus orbit around the Sun.

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Zoroastrian prayer, the Ashem Vohu. This 9th or 10th century Sogdian manuscript from Dunhuang, China, contains a version of one of the holiest Zoroastrian prayers: the Ashem Vohu, [which originally was composed in the Avestan (old Iranian) language]. It is the oldest existing copy of a Zoroastrian scripture. Written in Central Asia more than 300 years before any other surviving Zoroastrian manuscript. © The British Library Board

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The Primary Chronicle (Old Church Slavonic: Повѣсть времяньныхъ лѣтъ, Latin transliteration Povest' Vremyan'nykh Let' , often translated into English as Tale of Bygone Years) is a history of Kievan Rus' from about 850 to 1110, originally compiled in Kiev about 1113. The work is considered to be a fundamental source in the interpretation of the history of the Eastern Slavs.

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Tintin In the Land of the Soviets (Paperback)

The classic graphic novel. The first of Tintin's black-and-white adventures. Sent on assignment to the Soviet Union, Tintin boards a train. . . but after an explosion, Tintin is blamed for the bombing

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