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Todd Gustafson installs bees at City Green in New Jersey, a 2016 grant recipient. Their urban farm hosts over 1,000 students for hands-on learning experiences about sustainability and food literacy

Lavender Ice Cream (uses lavender oil)


I created a themed gift around Honey. I purchased from World Vision a sponsorship for a full bee keeping starter kit for a needy family. Then I purchased other gifts with honey as the primary ingredient including mustard, cough drops, honey roasted nuts and Burts bees soap. World Vision provided a lovely descriptive card of the donation made in their name which I also placed in the box with a small wooden bee ornament attached.


Buzzy Bee Baby Blanket with Matching Hat | Crafty Cori Strikes Again


On the 13th of June 1865 one of the towering figures of Irish literature, the Nobel Laureate William Butler Yeats was born in Sandymount, Dublin. Yeats was a poet and playwright, a central figure in the Irish cultural revival of the early twentieth century, a founder of the Abbey Theatre and the recipient of the 1923 Nobel Prize for literature.


"May Berenbaum on the New U. S. Strategy to Promote Pollinator Health" by Heather Thorstensen. The recipient of Sigma Xi’s 2015 John P. McGovern Science and Society Award, entomologist May Berenbaum, has been called on as a public expert on honeybees. She shares her thoughts with Heather Thorstensen, Sigma Xi’s manager of communications, on the recently released—and the first—National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators. #Honeybees #Pollinators #Politics


Un abreuvoir pour les abeilles? Des billes dans un recipient, un peu d'eau par dessus et c'est fait. Juste penser à changer l'eau régulirement pour éviter la proliferation de moustiques.

Coconut oil sugar scrub. Wonderful, clean, easy. What more could you ask for?

BannerBee Company LLC - Laytonsville, MD Recipient of the 2012 Free State's Finest Award for Best Product in the National Capital Area, BannerBee Company LLC is a small family-run honey business. We offer a variety of products including fresh raw honey - never heated or filtered - raw comb honey; bee pollen; pure beeswax candles; a full line of all-natural honey. Use only natural products. Markets: Ballston, Silver Spring Website:

Donation Gifts made in the gift recipient's is a good place to research donation ideas