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10 Hairstyles You Can Do in Less Than 30 Seconds

How to style your hair if you're running late

Wednesday 12/28 share group sign up

WEDNESDAY 12/28 SHARE GROUP SIGN UP Welcome to the group, please make sure to share 10 Dresses or skirts or a mix of both if requested, to each one of the closets listed here. No less than 10 please. If you're running late, just let us know when you can finish your shares. Let's all have a wonderful day and I wish you many sales💝⭐️💗😉💰 Accessories

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"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"


Up and running late tonight! Finding my way through React. It's kinda neat! #react #macbookpro #programming #javascript #js #programmerrepublic #yeti #steelseries #dxracer

Quand tu veux que ce soit joli et vite fait

On sait toutes faire des tresses! Mais on manque parfois d'inspiration. Et pourtant, juste avec des tresses, on peut réaliser des coiffures très sophistiquées en deux temps trois mouvements! Que...


Thunderbirds . Loved this as a kid and still great fun to watch today. Fantastic stuff from the late Gerry Anderson . The attention to detail and the model work is stunning. Much better than the soul-less CGI stuff they churn out today.